This Giant Searchlight Once Scanned L.A. From the Mountains Above

As twilight faded over Pasadena on September 9, 1894, an artificial sun flickered to life for the first time. High above town in the San Gabriel Mountains stood a wonder of the new electric age: a 60-inch General Electric searchlight, by many accounts the largest in the world. This massive projector first dazzled… »11/01/14 4:12pm11/01/14 4:12pm

Softball Glove-Stealing Pit Bull Is The Second-Best Sports Dog

Lookit the dog! What a happy dog. He really wants that glove. No wait, there's a better glove over there. Take that glove and run! Run free in the grass! Play with the people! They are all your best friends. »4/30/14 7:48pm4/30/14 7:48pm

That Fantastic Island Is Also Home to 24 of the World's Rarest Insect

Another interesting bit about Ball's Pyramid: "In 2001, a team of entomologists and conservationists landed on Ball's Pyramid to chart its flora and fauna. As they had hoped, they discovered a population of the Lord Howe Island stick insect," commonly referred to as the rarest insect on earth: »3/12/14 5:41pm3/12/14 5:41pm

A Tiny Desktop Museum With Dinosaur Eggs, Moon Rocks, and Titanic Coal

Don't lament the fact that your tiny podunk town recently spent all its money on a new waterpark instead of a museum. Thanks to a lifelong dream of Hans Fex, with a donation of as little as $79 you can have a tiny museum of your own sitting on your desk, featuring everything from dinosaur poop, to coal from the… »2/24/14 9:48am2/24/14 9:48am

LIKE ♥ HORSES (just put on your headphones and watch, ok?)

Sploid reader Julien Guntz sent me this, a short video called Love Horses. At first I was like, "hhhmmm, what?" but I put on my headphones, cranked up the volume, and watched it. Halfway through it I was mesmerized by the sounds of these everyday scenes of horses. I love it. »1/10/14 4:41pm1/10/14 4:41pm

The Dillon Panthers Reunited and It Was Glorious

Scott Porter (a.k.a Jason Street from Friday Night Lights) posted a squeal-worthy picture to his Instagram this weekend (seriously — I actually squealed when I saw it). At first, it just looks like a bunch of random handsomes hanging out in a backyard, but wait! Is that Matt Saracen I see? And next to him the famous… »10/21/13 6:05pm10/21/13 6:05pm

47,000 Hand-Drawn Stars Blanket the Rijksmuseum's New Ceiling

Richard Wright recently finished work on a piece that will inaugurate Amsterdam's renovated Rijksmuseum. The Turner Prize-winning painter spent weeks laying on a hydraulic scaffold, raised just below the museum's ceiling, painting 47,000 individual black stars. Reminds me of 19th century architectural drawings, which… »5/13/13 12:59pm5/13/13 12:59pm

Home Builders Stop Using Racist, Gender-Biased Phrase ‘Master Bedroom’

Listen up, future homeowners: unless you want to sound like a politically-incorrect asshole during your next appearance on House Hunters (more of an asshole than you sound when you walk into the kitchen of a shitball house and gasp, “Ooooooo, granite counters!!!!” like a total rube), you’ll want to stop using the… »4/22/13 6:01pm4/22/13 6:01pm